Mindful Neurology Method

Mindful Neurology joins together disparate treatment approaches, to create a novel platform for neurologic care. Components include:

1  Neurohealth and Lifestyle Medicine

2  Experiential sessions:  Movement training, meditation and relaxation techniques

3  Innate healing mechanisms via principles of neuroplasticity

4  Pharmacologic strategies, as indicated 

Neural Training for the Body & Mind

How we think and behave contributes significantly to neurologic disease.  Disease may begin with injury or genetic vulnerability, but manifestation of disease is heavily influenced by upbringing and neural patterns formed during development.

The good news is that neural patterns are changeable.  The nascent science of neuroplasticity – just 20 years old – has allowed us to understand that the brain can recover from injury and undergo new growth, given the correct conditions.

Retraining the body and mind is an effective method to overcome and outsmart neurologic disease.  Case studies have demonstrated this to be possible. 

A variety of techniques are employed, borrowing from ancient contemplative practices and modern scientific knowledge.  Choice of approach is based on evidence, where possible, or triaged for safety and plausibility of efficacy when evidence is not yet available.


Dr. Mulukutla is founder and chair of the Section on Neurohealth & Integrative Neurology (NIN) at the American Academy of Neurology.   This organization was formed in 2016 to promote collaboration in the emerging field of Neurohealth and preventive neurology.   Within the past decade, we have seen an emergence of research on exercise, adequate sleep, and healthy diet as contributors to neurologic health and robustness.  Dr. Mulukutla and collaborators through the NIN Section together are formalizing new strategies to improve neurologic care nation- and world-wide.

AAN Neurohealth & Integrative Neurology Section Meeting

AAN Annual Meeting 2017. Boston, MA



Dr Mulukutla’s presentation on the neuroscience of meditation

AAN Annual Meeting 2016, Vancouver BC