About Dr. Mulukutla

Dr. Sarah Mulukutla is a board-certified Neurologist with degrees from Harvard, Emory, Stony Brook and Yale Universities.

She completed Neurology training at Yale-New Haven Hospital, where she received accolades for acute stroke treatment. Dr Mulukutla also worked for 2 years as a hospital-based Neurologist in Stamford, CT. In July 2017 she left her job to pursue her vision – a clinic focused on mind-body connection, yoga, and neuroplasticity to improve treatment and recovery from neurologic disease.

She is the founder of Mindful Neurology in New York State, and a leader in the field of Integrative Neurology.  She has national reputation through her work with the American Academy of Neurology, where she teaches meditation to neurologists and leads the Neurohealth & Integrative Neurology Section to promote research and dialogue on complementary therapies.

Dr Mulukutla is licensed to practice medicine in New York and Connecticut.

A caricature gifted during graduation from Neurology Residency.