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  • Meditation Courses

    A cornerstone of the Mindful Neurology approach. Meditation builds self-awareness and teaches skills for physiological relaxation of the nervous system. Our online courses are infused with presentations on brain anatomy & functionality, community sharing, and interactive exercises to build mindful awareness over 6-8 weeks.

  • Innovative Research

    In collaboration with our academic partners, Mindful Neurology is on the cusp of finding a correlation between mind-body techniques and replicable clinical results. We are currently investigating the impact of our online meditation course for people with Parkinson’s disease, tracking changes in motor symptoms and neural networks with objective metrics such as EEG and data trackers.

  • Neurology Consultation

    1:1 medical neurological care is available to a select number of individuals who live in NY or CT or who travel to our office in Monroe, NY.

  • Advocacy for Integrative Therapies

    We create educational programs for doctors and collaborate with professional societies to increase recognition for validated, non-pharmacological therapies and lifestyle interventions. Our goal is to increase the therapeutic options available for people with neurological conditions.

Our Partners and Certifications

Mind Iocn

About the Mindful Neurology Methodology

The human brain is surprisingly responsive to the external environment and changing stimuli. Neuroplasticity is a phenomenon with which brain function and adaptation can be trained with the correct input. When confronted with disease or illness, each individual can develop a set of techniques that jumpstart neuroplasticity and offer new avenues for relief and long-term rehabilitation. Addressing mindset, motivation, nervous system relaxation, and lifestyle decisions including physical activity, diet, nutrition, and sleep all contribute to the brain’s capacity for healing. Studies have shown that healthy human connections and community often create a sense of well-being and can also contribute to neuroplasticity. Together we will explore this vast journey of unraveling the mysteries of the mind and brain for health and wellness. Mindful Neurology is committed to evidence-based medicine, and is conducting research studies to investigate the novel approach pursued in our clinic.

Our Team

Sarah Mulukutla, MD MPH

Dr Sarah Mulukutla is a Harvard & Yale-trained neurologist who combines traditional neurological evaluation with evidence-based holistic practices to provide a customized treatment plan for each individual. She is the founder of the Section on Neurohealth & Integrative Neurology at the American Academy of Neurology and has gained an international reputation for her efforts in promoting the field of Integrative Neurology. She has been teaching meditation since 2012, including numerous lectures to neurologists and physicians explaining the medical and neuro-anatomical benefits of meditative practices. She founded Mindful Neurology, PLLC to investigate the impact of mind-body medicine on neurological conditions. Her current efforts are aimed at conducting research trials to objectively monitor the impact of Mindful Neurology programs.

Erin Hyland, MS

Ms Hyland brings experience managing large projects across diverse sectors including healthcare, transportation, maritime trade, and energy and sustainability initiatives. Ms Hyland handles grant operations and uses her training as a consultant, coach, facilitator and change practitioner to build collaboration, consensus and excitement with our partners.

Kristina Zawaly, PhD

With a PhD from the University of Auckland and post-doctoral studies at McGill University, Dr Zawaly has researched a range of brain-healthy activities including exercise for people with cognitive impairment and the impact of meditation practice on the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s disease. Dr Zawaly leads our research initiatives.

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